Using reference tools such as Pinterest and Pocket

OK, so this is not a SharePoint or Office365 post, but bear with me. I use these tools every day in different ways so I thought you might enjoy them too.

Many people think of Pinterest as a place to save and share recipes, vacation destinations, and craft ideas. I know I did.

Then I started using it to gather websites and articles for work-related tips and tricks, and now I have several boards that I refer to on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

I split my boards into specifics such as, actual articles and pages with real tips and instructions, and use other boards to collect sites that I have found and want to peruse at a later time, but for which I don’t have a specific need right now.

pocket_logo401xAnother lesser-known, but equally useful tool is Pocket. This handy-dandy tool lets you save any article till later. What I like about it, is that in article mode, it strips out the extraneous stuff like ads, etc. and provides you with a clean, easy to read, format.


While Pinterest is more graphical in nature, and works off the premise that you need to visit the website that you saved, Pocket is more accessible in that the articles are available right in your app.

I use Pocket more for articles I am presented on Social Media or for random articles that I come across and want to save till later, such as VT Daily News articles; I use Pinterest more for saving content when I am researching, and that I want to refer back to. Both can be tagged or organized into topics and you will probably find a use for both.

Both of them are available as an app, and they both have browser extensions that let you add content directly from your web browser.

Learn more about each:


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