Using OneNote’s Window + S to quickly make screen captures

Office365 / SharePoint Blog

As I am working in SharePoint Online every day, I try to capture screenshots of most of what I do, so that I can later turn those screenshots into tutorials.

To capture all of my screenshots, I use OneNote. I have a section in my OneNote notebook called “Tutorial Scratch File” and each time I take a screenshot, OneNote gives me the option of pasting that into one of the pages I have previous created – and thus giving me a running file with screenshots – or, if I select the section title of “Tutorial Scratch File”, OneNote will paste my screenshot into a new page, which I can then name to something more useful.

To quickly activate my screenshot tool, I hold down the Window button on my keyboard, and then press the letter S (In Windows 10, it’s Windows + Shift + S; Windows + S opens search). I then can select which part of my screen I want to capture, and presto.

When the screen clipping saves, it also includes the information about where it came from. So, if I am selecting a screenshot from a website, it will tell me the URL, or webaddress, for that clipping.



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