What does Sway do?

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

I was asked this question recently and best I can tell, Sway is like an online presentation system. Unlike PowerPoint, where you need a specific piece of software to play the presentation, Sway handles it all online for you.

Sway uses a card system, much like story boarding a movie, and you can embed all kinds of media in there including YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Google maps, and more. People make newsletters with it, or tutorials.

In doing my research, I came across Microsoft’s Sway YouTube Channel, and I posted the link in the learning resource site as well. I hope this helps you in your discovery of this new way of sharing information.

 The downside of Sway is that it doesn’t generate a file. You can’t take your presentation and store it on a server. It lives on a website. Another downside is that, while you can make some basic edits, you can’t really brand a sway with custom fonts or colors.

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