Let’s delve into Delve

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o365-delveDelve is one of the products that comes with Office365. It acts as a kind of dashboard for you and your organization. You can search people, see what files they’re working on (if they have made them available to you), and it’s where you update your profile so that your coworkers can learn more about you.

While I have been in Delve several times over the past 5 months, it didn’t really click for me what use it would be for me, until I had my “ah-ha” moment.

Here are two introductory articles from Microsoft to help explain what Delve is and what the bells and whistles do:

Delve is where your SharePoint profile lives

When you click on the “Me” link, you will see Activity and Profile. When you click on Profile, that is where you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you upload your photo. I recommend you fill in as much as you are willing to share, mostly about work, and if you want to tell us about your kids or pets, go for it – just know that everyone in your tenant can see what you write in your profile.

Delve is where you can Skype your coworkers

Next to your picture there is a message button. Have you ever tried to click on it? It does nothing…. or does it?

When I clicked on it on the Mac, nothing happened. However, on a PC, if you have Skype for Business installed, that little message button will open Skype and get you started with a message to the recipient.

Delve shows you the latest files you’ve been working on… and where those files live.

Now here is where the power of Delve lies in my opinion. I regularly work in about 5-6 different sites. Most of my work is SharePoint related, but where does the file live? It could be anywhere, on the learning site, the blog site, the SPOCK site, the ICC site, my admin site, the CIT site, or on my OneDrive. And as we make open/unrestricted/public versions of sites, files could quite literally be anywhere.

Luckily Delve knows where

The Me dashboard, under Activity, shows the files I work on the most, or the files I worked on most recently. the “See more related” box could be helpful, or not, depending on what it thinks I want to see, but all the “content cards” give me an overview of the files I work on, and it tells me where they live.

From here, I can click on the content card itself and open the file I am looking at. I can also click on the folder or site name, and Delve will take me to the folder or document library where the file exists.

The use of boards

Using boards is a little bit like tagging. Each content card (file overview) has a place to “add to a board” – you type in where you want to save it. You can tag your own files, and you can also tag files that other people have shared with me. In my OneDrive for example, I have a document that includes instructions for uploading images to ShowOff, one of the systems managed by CIT’s web team. I tagged that document webteam so that when I look for documents pertaining to work on the webteam, I will find it there.

You can create as many boards as you want, and you can share those boards with other people.

Privacy is still maintained

Any documents that you have not shared with anyone else, even if they appear on your board, will remain private only to you. Even if someone can see my webteam board, unless I have shared that ShowOff document with the team, they are unable to see it.


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