Beware the changing page title

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

When you change the title of a page, a couple of things happen. As noted in yesterday’s post, the title of the page is the same as the file name, which means that changing the title of a page also changes the file name.

Links to your page could break

Since SharePoint is a database, changing the name of the file often results in SharePoint correcting the address for you, since it doesn’t care what you call a page; it knows it as 00ZKJSD9A8E09JKD9D01 or something like that, and it will change its internal pointer accordingly.

Where it does matter, is if anyone inserts a link to a page and keeps the in front of the URL because then it’s not a link within the database, but an actual address. Changing the title of the page may then in fact break the links in other places, so think carefully before you do that. Also think about links from the outside. I recently had this happen where someone changed the title of a page, but had not realized that the link was active from a non-SharePoint site.

Images can get lost

Images uploaded to a page, live within a folder by the same name as the page name. Changing the page name doesn’t move existing images to a new folder, but if you add another image to the page after you have changed the page name, then SharePoint will create a new folder with the new page name, and now you have two folders supporting the same page. Just something to think about as you plan out your site.


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