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SharePoint Online offers a number of different options when you create a new site. I used 3 different ones when I set up my various SharePoint-related sites as they each have a different purpose.

The different types of sites listed below fall under the “collaboration” type sites. There are other types of sites you can create with SharePoint that I may cover these in a future post as I learn more about them. For now though, these are the most common ones you will see when you create subsites.

Note: italicized content below came from our source at TechNet.

Team Site

This is the one most people default to. At work, the Team Site is the default template chosen for departmental and committee sites. Quite simply, a team site is a place to work together with a group of people.

Project Site

A site for managing and collaborating on a project. This site template brings all status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place.

Do we have any examples?

I use a project site for my SharePoint Admin site.

What’s different about it?

For one, it seems to focus on tasks and projects, and the home page includes a gantt chart and an overview of upcoming tasks. Other than that, not too different from a team site. A good use for this type of site is for one-off committee work.

Community Site

A place where community members discuss topics of common interest. Members can browse and discover relevant content by exploring categories, sorting discussions, by popularity or by viewing only posts that have a best reply. Members gain reputation points by participating in the community, such as starting discussions and replying to them, liking posts, and specifying best replies.

Do we have any examples?

Within DSA we use the community site in two places so far… the DSA Home site, and the SharePoint Online & Office 365 Learning Resources site.

What’s different about it?

What’s different about it is that its main function is as a discussion board. It comes with pre-configured templates for

  • all categories (with thumbnails),
  • a specific category with the posts for that category
  • a members page showing all members
  • a topic page that’s pre-configured to a certain layout

While its primary function is discussions, other features can be added, just like with team sites or project sites.

Blog Site

A site for a person or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on.

Do we have any examples?

The It’s All Greek blog I have at work is an example of a blog site.

What’s different about it?

It doesn’t have a lot of built-in features except for all the features required to have a blog: the ability to create and manage posts, categories. Any other features would need to be manually added.

Unlike the community site, it does not have the out of the box capability to attach images to categories – it just lists the categories on the left. It has the spot for a photo (where the monkey is on this blog site). You can invite more than one person to blog, and you will see going forward that I will invite other people to post a blog post about something they find useful.

Source: TechNet


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