Wiki Pages in SharePoint Online

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Wiki Pages allow you to create web pages within your SharePoint sites. You can place web parts on them, or you can use them as I do for tutorial writing.

But, as with other OOTB (out of the box) features, SharePoint Online’s Wiki Pages app has a slight glitch. Surprise!

Here’s the glitch:

The file name of the page, is also the title of the page.

In older versions of SharePoint, you could set the title of the page to be different from the file name, e.g. file name aspire.html could be used to show title of “Aspirations of Student Learning.” In this version of SharePoint Online, the name of the file is the same as the title on the page.

Why do we care?

We care because generally titles have spaces. In the example of “Aspirations for Student Learning,” there are three spaces.  Those same spaces will end up in the file name, and the Internet doesn’t do well with spaces in a file name. In fact, they will replace that space with %20, which means “Aspirations for Student Learning” becomes Aspirations%20for%20Student%20Learning.aspx.

What can we do?

Well, to solve the issue of the %20s we in the web world place underscores between words so that we get a file name that looks like Aspirations_for_Student_Learning.aspx, which, I hope you agree looks cleaner.

But, didn’t you just say that the file name of the page, is also the title of the page?

Yes, I did… While we just fixed the file name issue, we now have a title of the page (and links) that look like this:


and that is where our friend Joe comes in. Joe is a magical programmer and he whipped up a magical script that takes those underscores, and replaces them with spaces. This now lets us have a file name called  Aspirations_for_Student_Learning.aspx while preserving the title (and link) Aspirations for Student Learning.


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