Setting your start pages in Internet Explorer and other browsers

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One thing I noticed is that each of my browsers acted differently when I opened them, and even when I closed them.

I am a bit of a browser nerd and I tend to have 3 different ones running no matter which computer I am using. I use each for a different purpose.

On the Mac, I use Safari purely for Rhythm Percussion Ensemble, which is the Content Management System (CMS) we currently use to manage DSA department websites. I use Chrome to show my email and calendar, a nifty little tool I use to calculate how much time I spend on a project. I also use Chrome to listen to Pandora (ahem). Firefox is my work horse on the Mac. This is where I view my projects, create newsletters, and review website changes. I lose track of how many tabs I have open in Firefox. I also use Firefox to do my research.

On the PC, I spend most of my time in Internet Explorer because SharePoint Online and Internet Explorer are best friends. I have lots of tabs open as I work between all of the sites I am working on. I use Chrome for my research and anything not on SharePoint. Chrome is also my default browser. Also, I use its developer tools to identify the CSS code behind SharePoint pages if I need to, as the developer tools for Internet Explorer leave a lot to be desired. I use Firefox for posting images on our digital signage system, and other specific-task related work that’s outside of my role in SharePoint. I set all the different tabs to open on startup, so I never have to navigate to them manually. Normally, Firefox is my workhorse on the Mac, but because I need Internet Explorer for everything SharePoint related, I don’t use it much here, except for the digital sign work and to test things in different browsers.

Setting up your startup tabs in your browser

I warned you that I can be long-winded, but there are times that I like to provide context behind the topic at hand.

Each browser is different in how it sets up the start tabs for you, but most are similar enough to where these instructions for Internet Explorer should be general enough to work for you:

Find the gear, then choose Options or Internet Options
Under Home Page, type in the address(es) that you want to open first.

Internet Explorer Startup Screen

Within Internet Explorer, I also added my most frequently visited SharePoint Online sites including the central communication hub, my blog site, an Office365/SharePoint training site, and an administrative SharePoint site I built to keep track of issues.

What’s interesting about that, is that the SharePoint sites all require me to log in, but rather than log in three times, I just log in once, then click the little Home button on the browser, and all five pages reload. Nice extra bonus tip.

Having these sites set up in my home page tabs easily saves me about 10 minutes per load, or possibly up to 30 minutes a day. Try it!


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