Using Doodle…

While this has very little to do with SharePoint, it does have a little to do with organization, and getting things done. Today I set up my doodle profile, and connected it with one of my calendars – one that I will only use for Doodle, and here’s why:

  1. While I could connect it to my work calendar, I have way too many open spots on my calendar that people could cannibalize when I want to keep them meeting-free
  2. I have a time divide calendar that I use for my supervisor – basically a macro view of in which area I am spending my time, but without the detail of tasks and appointments. While this is nice for her, I can’t use this for my Doodle, because it would show me busy all the time.

So, I created a new calendar where I just blocked off the times I am working for one department, as well as the days that I want to keep clear for deadline purposes. I will see how much of a chore it is to keep up, but I do like that I get an email notification, which I will be able to drag directly over to the calendar for a meeting; and any meetings it schedules for me are automatically no longer available for anyone else.

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