Content Types, Document Information Panel, and Content Organizer…. Oh my!

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

There’s so much I’m picking up in this class that is making me drool and think – I want to use that!

I am learning that as the SharePoint Business Architect and Administrator I have a lot of tools at my disposal that will help all of the site owners manage their sites better.

Content types

One of these is content types, where I can create Word, Excel, Powerpoint templates for DSA use that include some basic features, and then make them available for all of the SPOCK to use in the DSA departmental and committee sites.

Document Information Panel

This is what is referred to as a “hidden lever” on the content type window (I think – will have to go back and delve further into this), that shows the meta data fields in the desktop version of Microsoft Office. Next time someone opens a document, they can fill in the metadata right from within the document, and then that information will appear in the columns. Why is this cool? Because of the next feature:

The Content Organizer

This one should make our heads in HR drool a little bit. It’s where we can basically put all of our documents in a drop off library, and SharePoint takes that document and files it according to the rules you set up for it in the Content Organizer. Kind of like your outlook rules that route your emails? But on SharePoint Online. Imagine all of your benefit-related files just being moved to the benefit folder?  Or your forms? Definitely something worth knowing more about.


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