Term store management, content editor and more

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Using brackets to link between pages

​using [[two brackets back to back with words in between]] can create a link to another wiki page within your site.

Using site columns to re-use data

If you have information that you will be using among several lists or libraries, but not necessarily everyone in DSA will need this information, then it might be good for you to create a site column with prefilled information that you can use across many lists within your site.  Before I learned about term store management, I thought creating a choice column for Departments would be a good use. Other types of site columns might include years, types of documents, etc.

Using term store management to house reusable metadata

I keep hearing the term metadata and I am fascinated by it. I want to learn more about how exactly we can use this to manage our site. With the term store management feature I am starting to get a better grasp of it. For us here at DSA, using the term store manager to house the names of our departments and committees is a good start. We will also want to house other data here as we use nomenclature that is common among most departments. Human Resources, Assessment & Professional Development, and Finance, I can see these departments making good use of this feature.

The content editor can be your friend

One thing about SharePoint Online is that all the HTML code pretty much lives on Microsoft’s servers. One of our goals going forward is to brand our intranet a little more like the external websites we have, and that will require some indepth thinking and planning. For now however, we may need to fix a couple of things. We can use a content editor to house custom CSS, or even javascript. The instructor suggested we start with some customizations using this feature first, before we build out our sites.


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