Follow, Focus in, Alerts, Explore

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

There are a couple of features in SharePoint Online that may just make our lives a little easier.

The FOLLOW button

It shows up in the right hand side of your screen, and has a little star. It would be nice if the little star would be filled in if we’re already following the site, but alas, no such luck.

The FOCUS IN button

I’ve seen this little guy, but never knew what it was for. It shows up next to the FOLLOW button and it looks a little bit like the “full size” button you see on videos. What that little icon does, is get rid of all the menus and garbage on the screen, so that all you are left with is the content of the screen.

The alert me function

This feature is available in most lists and libraries, discussion lists, etc. and it lets you set an alert on that item, where you can get notified “immediately”, once a day, or once a week, if something changes in that list or page. The way you activate this feature is by clicking on the “List” or “Library” tab at the top of the page, and then choosing the Alert me button.

Open with Explorer function

This only works in Internet Explorer, so make sure you are in this browser. This lets you open your document library using Windows Explorer so you can add move a number of files at once, or if you like, you can just use it to double-click on a file to open it.


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