It’s nice to know we’re on the right track

I participated in the Unity Connect Free Online Conference this week. I didn’t find out about it until later in the week and thus didn’t have much time to participate, but I did want to watch a presentation tonight about how to get people to adopt SharePoint and learn more about it.
The gentleman who gave the presentation, Tom Duff (@duffbert), shared with us everything that his company had done to help people learn more about SharePoint. What’s interesting is that most of the things his company had done over time, we are starting with right off the bat. We’re building a training site, I have a blog, and we are starting monthly meetings for site owners. About the only things that they’re doing that we’re not (yet), is a biweekly conference call, and they turned their blog into a newsletter. Their training site is mostly videos, whereas mine is tutorials for now, but they shared with me the software they are using, and most of it is free, and one is a fairly low cost product. I plan on presenting this at work in the next few weeks, and I know that my Director would be quite willing to provide the “professional voice” we need for the introductions for our training videos.
It’s really nice to have all your hard work be validated as a good idea. I am excited!


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