Windows 10 – backwards compatibility

Coming from Windows 7, Windows 10 is different in a couple of ways. With many people skipping Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, they may not realize how different Windows 10 really is.

I found that out quite quickly, when I was trying to install a couple of programs for which a Windows 10 version hadn’t yet been created.

I had to set the programs to run in Windows 7, which is fairly easy to do, once you know how. Right-click on the program file you want to run, and choose Properties. Then under the compatibility tab, choose Windows 7. For the most part it’s that simple.

For a number of programs, I just went ahead and downloaded the new version, including DropBox and EverNote. For others, I set the compatibility mode, and it seems quite happy. Just keep that in mind as you upgrade.


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